“When I walk among the vineyards in the days of massive thinning and I observe helpless healthy bunches on the ground destined never to become wine, I am almost moved, they are altruistic grapes: they give others the possibility of becoming great wines.” - Beppe di Maria

Vision and Strategy

The average yield per hectare of Carvinea vineyards ranges from 40 to 65 quintals. Between pruning, defoliation and thinning, the aim of obtaining the best grapes is always pursued. During veraison many bunches are cut and left on the ground. This allows those remaining on the plant to have a greater concentration of polyphenolic and aromatic substances. This results in quality, balanced and elegant wines. We work in the vineyard with great attention and passion, convinced that excellent wines can only be created from excellent grapes.

Freshness and Elegance

Carvinea seeks freshness and elegance as essential characteristics in every wine. Carvinea wines want to surprise, satisfy, whisper the character of the tuff land a few kilometers from the sea from which they come.

Tradition and Research in the Vineyard

When necessary, we use a horse to plow the land. It is proven by tradition that the horse's hoof does not compact the earth and does not damage the important microfauna that lives there, thus allowing the soil to breathe better and giving the plant everything it needs to produce the best grapes. Furthermore, the plow grazes the roots of the plants without damaging them: every little attention contributes to the development of the best bunches.

Ottavianello: The Rebirth of an Ancient Native Variety

Curiosity pushed us to rediscover a variety now destined for oblivion. In addition to Primitivo and Negroamaro we are proud to present OTTO, pure Ottavianello. We were the first to believe in this surprising native variety, which had fallen into oblivion due to the predominant production of Primitivo and Negroamaro. OTTO offers great pleasure due to its round character and full and important structure.

"Wood is the cradle of a wine, not the wine itself"

Carvinea uses various barrels of French wood to make the wines balanced so they do not release overlying aromas to the wine.

Currently the range includes 9 wines: the white Lucerna, the rosé Merula Rosa and Otto Rosa, the Metodo Classico Brut Rosé, the reds Lunachiena, Sierma (without added sulphites), Negroamaro, Primitivo and Otto.