Our Story

Sometimes enterprises are born from play

This idea was born out of fun from an entrepreneur who has spent his life among cars. I have always been passionate about the world of wines and so in 2002 I decided to buy in Carovigno, in upper Salento, the sixteenth-century Masseria Pezze d'Arena, an ancient property of the Princes Dentice di Frasso, which I have restored to its original and characteristic splendor; at the same time, I gave birth to Carvinea, a wine-growing farm.

A big dream

I approached the realization of this project, which has always been a big dream of mine, slowly and on tiptoes, and it is only now, in my mature age, that it is realized. I knew I could not rely on tradition in the creation of my wines, but I hoped and wished to be able to transmit the passion that animated and continues to animate my first discreet steps in this fascinating world.

The help of a enologist

At the end of the nineties, Puglia is experiencing a season of authentic change from an oenological point of view. To aim for absolute excellence, I identified the best agronomic and oenological professionals. So, with the decisive help of Riccardo Cotarella, I planted the Carvinea vines, which now frame the ancient Masseria. The tuff stone, the burning sun, and the delicate sea breeze have given the characteristic notes of Aglianico, Fiano, Negroamaro, Ottavianello, and Primitivo grapes the peculiarity of tastes and variety of aromas of the wines produced. A prestigious project, without any compromise, for which Riccardo Cotarella challenged himself, in the realization of my dream and my passion. The care for every detail, the rigorous refinement of every process, the tireless patience so that the fruit of this passion matures all its time, see me united with Riccardo in a unique, fascinating, unrepeatable journey.

My wines are a gesture of love

They are the strength of the sun that merges with the generosity of the land of Puglia; they are dedicated to those who fully understand the importance and value of real things. Today I am happy as a child and proud as only a demanding adult can be, because the mature fruits have given good wine; the best I could ever hope to "create" with the help of the earth, sun, work, science, and the experience of those who accompany me with affection and passion. That same passion that leads me every day to fall in love with the things I do.

Wine as passion

To be curious, to wonder, to be passionate, to always fall in love with things: this is the essence of my life. My wines are full of this essence, they are wines for passion!

Currently the range includes 13 products: the white Lucerna, the rosé Merula Rosa, Otto Rosa, Sorma Rosa, the sparkling Metodo Classico Brut Rosé and Eliele Metodo Classico Brut Rosè 100 Months, the reds Lunachiena, Sierma, Negroamaro, Primitivo, Frauma, Sorma, and Otto.